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Supporting women to align her voice with what is most alive in her body.

And expressing that in the world.


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What is my prayer?

My prayer is that each and every women steps into the power of her unique potential and potent expression of her soul and gives that back to life.

That each and every one of us steps into the power of our sacred voice. And we hear what is most alive within us. 




More About Personal Transformation

When we begin the work to uncover your fullest potential, we begin gently, we stay in non judgement, and we step gently towards the life you most desire for yourself. uncovering the patterns that may be keeping you from living your most meaningful existence.

What Impact Do you want to make?

The power of the trauma or wound decreases a little more each time we become still enough to listen to the voice of our hurt, still enough to listen to the voice of our soul, and hear the truth, that we are safe and just feel that. I do not see the point of telling ourselves we are safe if we are in fear as otherwise is becomes affirmations we try to put on top of something and that is like placing a bandaid over it, to hide a symptom. It’s ok to feel afraid and really allow ourselves to go there and once we feel the fear we are ready to remember the value of courage.

More about my in person offerings

I know what its like to have an idea, a passion stirring within and not knowing how to get that to reach the people you most desire it to. I understand the feeling that selling can be tricky because you don’t want to come across as desperate or salesy.

The intention behind my offerings is for you to know and to trust yourself for who you truly are.

This is the foundation of branding your heart centred business.

You are the belief behind your ideas, with this truth, I believe it is so important to be clear and have a knowing of who you truly are to deliver the impact only you are here to make on humanity.

I am a…..

– Passionate Woman who believes each of us are here to share our unique light
– Self Celebration and Embodiment Educator
– Kinesiologist
– Mind Body Medicine Practitioner
– Neurofeedback Practitioner
– Facilitator 
– Emotional Clearing Counsellor
– Certified Life Coach
– Glorious You Coach

– Sacral Somatic Therapist

I have a deep understanding for massage and other forms of body work

I practice the work I teach, I embody the practices and my understanding comes from my daily practices, the work I do with clients and women in circle.

Begin Living

What is it that you want for your life? Is it to be pointing the finger at THEM, and if only THEY changed, then YOUR life would be better! Or would you like to be in charge of how you react to the experience of living? I am passionate about supporting women to uncover the deep desires that sit beneath the surface of them, to shine a light on these desires and birth them into being, to create a pleasure filled life that they adore!


Courses and Certifications

– Diploma of Kinesiology 2011
– Diploma of Mind Body Medicine 2013
– Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine 2015
– Certificate IV Training and Assessment 2015, updated as required
– Lomi Lomi Massage 2016
– Life Coaching with the Beautiful You Academy 2018
– Neurofeedback training 2016 and every 2 years after that
– Metaphors, Chakras and Acupressure 2020
– 7 Sacred Hearts 2014

– Priestess Training –  with Leyolah Antra 2021

– Embodying Erotic Divinity – 2021

– Shaman Drum 2014

– Sacral Somatic therapist Training 2021

– Holistic Pelvic Care – Tami Lynn Kent 2021

Some of my mentors and Teachers are:

– David Starr was one of my first teachers, he taught me that all of the scary bits inside were ok and if I sit with them with love and compassion, they transform. The sacred art of space holding and the importance of that in the therapeutic encounter.

– My Children – The lessons you have unwillingly taught me, have given me the greatest insights into the woman I want to be in this world.

– Ondrej Bursik at the College of Complementary Medicine, one of my first teachers, who taught me about the power of story telling and using this as a tool for healing.

– David Corby – a man who I have learnt equality from, that in holding another on a pedestal, we minimise an aspect of self.

– Arwen Julian – a woman I have journeyed with and learnt the incredible power of innocence of being, your childlike play and power is a constant reminder of the importance of play in healing and living a joy filled life.

– Siegfried and Sue Othmer EEG Info are forging new paths in supporting the brain to function optimally in our modern world. Learning the art of Neurofeedback from you has been one of my most precious privileges. 

– Kelly Phoenix Rose – TRIUMPH +BELIEF I have learnt from this divine woman. 

– Amy Towle – temple of she for her unwavering integrity and showing uop to ALL that life has to offer. 

They are all passionate individuals, walking the path of truth and belief.



Words For Understanding

Personal V Business

Personal Transformation – Supporting you to feel the power of your divine being!

Business – Birthing your Brand – Taking the overwhelm out of creating a Stand Out Brand!

How to Find the Essence of You?

Ponder this question… If you weren’t moulded by your parents during the first 3-4 years of your life, who would you be?

The answer is not that you were pure and perfect before your were influenced by others. The answer is in recognising that regardless of who raised you, or what happened to you, there is something that would be true about you no matter what?

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