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In person sessions for you to engage with in the comfort of your own home and time.

Our Vision – To Create and Cultivate Permission for Pleasure

So how do sessions via distance work?
Trust me, I was a little uncertain about how the session would work until I received a session myself, I would not recommend something to you unless I had tried it and believed in it myself.

Workshops & Retreats

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With distance sessions via Zoom or Skype, my clients are provided with the tools to create their own connections. I have found that the normal defences that may be present in physical proximity and the physical field actually aren’t there within these sessions, which provides the space for deep connection to what matters most for the client.
You are held in honour as we discuss everything that is revealed for your understanding of what is limiting you from achieving the ‘intention’ we have declared for the session.
The session is all about you and what you hope to gain (intention of the session) + we move towards this ‘intention’ clearing any bumps and blockages that are getting in your way, that are revealed.
At Glorious You we recognise that every person’s life is diverse and unique. Many people are in lockdown with our current global pandemic, and are unable to attend appointments in person, so we offer the space for you to continue working on the things you desire to in an online setting.

Our Vision

All services

Voicing our intentions

Voicing our intentions is often part of becoming clear about and making a commitment to action

Finding the ways

If we are to live our ability to be fully present and compassionate, our ability to be with it all – The joy and the sorrow – We must find the ways, the people, the places, the practices that support us in being all we truly are


Why Choose online sessions?

You may opt for an online appointment because:

You find a convenient appointment time that suits your life and situation
You are able to access appointments quickly
You are unable to physically get to our office location
You are living in a remote or rural location
You would prefer to have a session from the comfort of your own home
It just suits you better


Our Distance Session Services include:


+ Emotional, physical + mental stress
+ Decision Making assistance
+ Overcoming past trauma
+ Relationship challenges
+ Soul work sessions
+ Anxiety

“What if the task is to simply unfold, to become who you are already in your essential nature”

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Toukley NSW Australia

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