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Breathe. Move. Express

April 17th 2024
Embark on a magical journey with your child, where we’ll explore the wonders of childhood through storytelling and engaging activities.
In this 2-hour interactive session, children will immerse themselves in a world of imagination and self-discovery. The workshop will draw inspiration from traditional metaphors to help children notice the feelings in their bodies and express themselves authentically.
Just like seeds planted in fertile soil, children are born with an innate sense of wonder and curiosity. Throughout the workshop, we’ll guide them on a journey to reconnect with their inner magic and explore the sensations that arise within their bodies.
In the enchanting realm of childhood, words are not always necessary to convey feelings. Through art and movement, children will learn to express themselves in ways that transcend language, tapping into the rich tapestry of emotions that make them unique.


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Porn – What I wish it was teaching

Porn – What I Wish It Was Teaching! I have had people say to me that from the external I’m sexual, but fuck me, I was frozen inside. Especially when it came to intimacy, my sexual expression, my voice, my needs and my awareness of them. I speak in heterosexual...

The power of positive thinking

The power of positive thinking

Two people look at a glass which is half filled with water - are you the person who sees a glass that is half empty or one that is half full? We have a lot of choices in life. We can choose to look at things the negative way and always see the dark side of situations,...

How Fear Helped Me Find My Voice

How Fear Helped Me Find My Voice

  How Fear helped Me Find My Voice Fear was ever present in me as I nudged against the reality of how I wanted to be known in this world. Fear kept me small, Fear I resisted, I resisted with all that I had. This very fear turned my hair grey, and used up so much...


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