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The Yin and Yang of Yoni

July 24th Bamboo Buddha 10:30am-12:30pm
Our bodies are in a constant energetic exchange of balancing the Yin and Yang within our bodies.
To feel whole and stable in ourselves as women, we need to be balanced in our Yin and Yang.
Our Inner world and how we express that to the outer world.
Held on Darkinjung land, this 2 hour workshop we will deep dive into our quiet, gentle selves to tune into the anatomy and language of our Yoni.
We will then spend the rest of our time in creativity, using clay to sculpt a Yoni.

Nature Bathing

  • Our Next session July 19th 2022

Womb Song – 6 week container

  • Beginning October 27th 2022

Birth Preparation Online Group session

  • August 17th 2022 7-8:30pm via Zoom
Nature bathing

Come Bathe In Nature with us!

This is a casual regular gathering at various locations around the Central Coast and surrounding areas.

The sessions will be 2 hours in duration and will be an opportunity to be conscious with our connection to Mother Earth and receive from her, in the way only she can.

Come spend time, away form the busyness of life.

You can stay up to date on these and other events via my social media… and Facebook –…

Our first session is being held on July 19th at the Watagan State forest (exact location will be given after you book your spot)

Each session we will be basking in the beauty of our Mother Earth and exploring her elements. Occasional practices and guided insight talks.

Please bring:


Walking shoes



Comfortable walking clothes


I look forward to sharing this with you.

Explore with us
Womb Song a 6 week container

A 6 session 6 week course to claim your sovereign power as a woman and open your access to pleasure, and hear your Womb Song.

1 hour 45 minute sessions for 6 weeks beginning February 2nd 2022 + a 1:1 1 hour session with me, arranged after we begin. At a time that suits you. To really support your journey.

For so long, I held the trauma in my womb of the times I had been entered into without permission, where I felt hurt by the actions and non actions of others. The pregnancies I had lost and the decisions I had made for myself as a woman, not to mention the disgust I had for my body and feminine form.

I had a familiar sense of numbness and disconnection within my womb, as the alternative I was shit scared of.

Regular feelings for me were worthlessness and a sense of being undesirable, as I searched outside of myself to have my needs for acceptance, to be desired, pleasure and joy to be met by others.

Sometimes I knew what I wanted for myself as a woman in a moment and other times I became so disconnected from myself that I could not find words, with my only option to withdraw, from others and myself. To turn my head away form myself and look to another to compare myself to.

But I learnt the hard way, if I spend all of my time searching outside of myself for my needs to be met, I miss the opportunity for PLEASURE and to create a life that is my idea of a life GLORIOUSLY WELL LIVED!

Now I am ok with connecting with this most powerful aspect of myself.

Because this is where the gates to my pleasure are.

My relationships feel much more equal and joyfully aligned.

My creativity is greater than it has ever been.+ Much More – which we will discuss in detail in this course. (got to keep some things for the in person conversations!)

Because I know that I am giving love back to myself by choosing to take responsibility for my own experience of life and my own Womb Song to be shared in a way that feels most deeply aligned for me!

6 of the biggest insights around this for me was through the very processes I offer in my signature offering, Womb Song.


Here’s what you get!


  • Week 1 – The Call of Pleasure – Entering your inner house

– Transcending the wounds – The beauty of your shadow

– Reclaiming Yoni

– Turning your lights on

  • Week 2 – Healing the mother wound

– Childhood trauma and its impact in YOUR pleasure system

– Harmonising the pleasure system

– Sister Pleasure Force

  • Week 3 – Pleasure Integrations

– Cultural Lineage

– The Subconscious Programs Attached To Your Femininity

    • Week 4 – The Deeper Layers

    – Conscious Ritual

    – Your guiding archetype

    • Week 5 – Unlocking the Magic in your Cycles

    – Blood and Moon cycles

    – Owning your You-ness

    • Week 6 – Birthing your pleasure filled life

    – The medicine of your inner child

    – Embodying your divinity


    +++ BONUSES +++

    ** BONUS 1 – A Private facebook dedicated to supporting you as you move into exploring your pleasure system, in a no holes barred way!

    ** BONUS 2 – Pleasure Integration session – A 45 minute – 1:1 mentoring session with me to deepen in your integration and help the tyre really hit the road… Women find that Pleasure Integration sessions support a deep and transformational integration of what has been opened during our course and beyond.

    I can not wait to have you join us in this sacred offering dear one.

    Come join our container
    Birth Preparation Group Session

    A Birth preparation session supports you to prepare for the journey of birthing your baby.
    To support you with the awareness of the feminine process of the body.
    Understanding the roles we play as parents, to support you to move in an empowered way.
    This session supports you to trust the journey of your body.


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