Holistic Pelvic Care

A holistic practice consisting of physical and energetic tools designed to evaluate, restore balance, and enhance vibrant flow in the pelvic bowl of the female body by working with a woman’s core patterns.

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Holistic Pelvic Care

Holistic Pelvic Care
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The basis of HPC is energy work through the fascia, with its crystalline nature, is the transition line between physical and energy. It is for those who want to address the spiritual components of the pelvic space, in order to do that we must follow the energy. Where the energy is blocked in a woman’s base, so is her access to spirit.

The goal of HPC is to empower a woman to inhabit her pelvic space and occupy her feminine ground physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. For those with boundary ruptures, traumatic birth experiences, to clear congestion and support pelvic wellness, to increase post birth healing, to resolve trauma imprints and restore a woman’s rightful place in her pelvic centre, to support healing of miscarriage and birth loss.

Birth Repair

Birth Repair Sessions
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In a Birth repair session, we are not repairing the birth event, we are repairing the imprint of what is held in the pelvic bowl and how that impacts the access a woman has to receive her own medicine.
The energy current at birth has all of the medicine for the child’s life, the Qi (energy) for the mother and the child. It is the child’s soul energy.
We work energetically on strengthening the Qi channel between mother and child, regardless of the child’s current age and life journey.
Because sometimes the birth we had planned and the way things turned out can create disharmony within.
This particular session, we do not work internally, we are working with any energetic links that need nurturing and stabilising. and clear anything that is inhibiting our access to your own potent medicine and to the spirit of our beloved child.

Menstrual Review

Menstrual Cycle Review
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Your monthly Heroine’s journey. During our lives, we encounter many transitions. The moon phases go through a full cycle every 28 days.

]The 4 seasons lives through our cycles and is often used as a metaphor of life and death, beginnings and endings.

Each phase requires us to adapt our rhythms and alter our lives around it.

Birth Preparation

Birth Preparation Session
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A Birth preparation session supports you to prepare for the journey of birthing your baby, and beyond.

To support you with the awareness of the feminine process of the body.

Understanding the roles we play as parents, to support you to move in an empowered way.

This session supports you to trust the journey of your body.

We get to choose what we hold in our Sacred Centre

Restoring a woman’s rightful presence in her centre so it belongs to her.

To invite you to be in union with the most powerful aspect of yourself. So you can hear the medicine of your womb space.
So she can guide you to your most meaningful life.
I have trained with Tami Lynn Kent in Holistic Pelvic Care and Amy Towel, at Temple of She for Yoni Massage. I am a mother of 3 C-Section babies and have been providing Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine and Neurofeedback to my local community for over 9 years.
One of my deep passions, is facilitating Women’s retreats and I bask in the juiciness of a group of women sharing truth together.
I started this journey after many many years of trying to stuff down the feelings of shame, confusion and expectation I had around the deep trauma imprints in my womb space that began from the age of 7.
Even as I write this, it is as much a societal imprint as it was a physical trauma imprint.
I’m Glad you’re here, Come along and let’s Remember Your Sacred Ability.

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