Anxiety is a state that comes as a result of not feeling safe, and if we don’t know why we feel unsafe, we try and work it out and our nervous system begins to struggle, presenting in many symptoms such as heart rate increases, picking at nails, overwhelm, etc. Quite often this an overload of sensory input, that the brain is trying to understand.

Things are coming in form a sensory perspective, sounds, sights, smells, sensations and these inputs our brains try to understand.
Quite often anxious children will shut down and withdraw, think of an animal that feels threatened, it hides and does not come out unless it has no choice and is forced to fight.

Children with Anxiety is one of the things that started me on my own personal journey with Kinesiology, at age 9 our son was suffering terribly, I had to find something.. the search felt long and exhausting…we finally found it! Kinesiology!

This was what supported our son to move with his anxiety and transform the hold it had on him, at home, school, and in social situations.
I know first hand the impact having an anxious child can have on the family dynamics and am dedicated to supporting families through this challenging time, by providing them with knowledge, wisdom and tolls to support them.
My main aim within these sessions is to settle the nervous system through body work and acupressure, I look at possible mineral / vitamin imbalances, we talk  and engage with visualisations while the child lays peaceful and relaxed on the table. I give the parents or caregivers all of the strategies to use at home.
Between my studies, research and experience with my own students and clients, it’s become even more clear how the body is part of the mind. There really is no way to separate the two. When a baby is born, they display various responses to external stimuli (sound, touch, light). This allows the baby to begin interacting with their environment. These responses are called primitive reflexes, which are automatic. In fact, these vital reflexes assist with the birthing process, help the newborn adjust to life outside the womb and help build the foundation for motor and cognitive skills. In a typical child, most of these reflexes will integrate or transition to mature responses within the first year or so. This occurs when the central nervous system develops.
I simply love supporting children and their families that live with anxiety to gather harmony and place it back into their lives through exploring what lies at the very core of their discomfort. 


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