If you If our intention is to change who we truly are, we will fail….

If our intention is to become who we essentially are, we cannot help but be true to the deepest longings of our soul. 


Join us for this rich, deep experience where women come together, each with your own unique intention, to connect with the wisdom and beauty only you are here to harness. All we need to do is remember this. 

Connection, honouring ourselves, and full expression is our birthright!

Why this work is for you?

Are you feeling unheard, exhausted and unable to speak your truth?

Have you lost connection to the deepest parts of you?

As women we’ve been told how to think, we’ve been told how to feel, told what to wear , told how we engage, and told how we should show up.

We’ve become so great at playing the part, we’ve lost connection with who we truly are and what matters to US and we feel fragmented, exhausted and frustrated.

Who you are in spirit can not be defined by what you do; only by who you are in essence.

This retreat has been designed to bring you back to yourself, to feel softness in your body, to find your liberty and values and to walk through life with these very things at the fore, to be known for who you beautifully are.

Courage is called for, to prioritise yourself. I know it is not easy, but I promise you it is so worth it. Your greatest commitment in life is not to others, it’s to yourself. it is to show up as your most vibrant, full expressive self.

Only then can you be of true service to your loved ones and to humanity.

Through our daily rituals and practices on this retreat, your internal dialogue and past experiences you have been holding onto will be illuminated and you get to decide how they continue for you.

As women we have to come back to our internal knowing. Our Sacred Work.

We have immense power within us, to feel life and live it fully expressed without shame, without hiding, without fear. For this to happen we must let go of our rational minds that we have been tending to as a form of protection.

We must realise that your Sacred Work has a different way of knowing, being, expressing and hearing.

We have grasped onto this way of living and thinking because in some ways it has felt safe.

However if you are reading this, I trust you are being called to go deeper within yourself.

You have followed everyone else’s vision for your life, even at times when it has not felt aligned and has left you feeling unfulfilled and incomplete, frustrated and exhausted.

This 3 day retreat is for you, if you are ready for more and are ready to step into the next evolution of your journey. I

Invite you to be curious and listen. Would you like to explore the deeper aspects of your sacred work through story and connection?

The Experience

  • Unplug and retreat from the outside world – give yourself the time and space to finally be. ​​
  • Learn the art of holding space + receiving.
  • Share in women’s circles. ​​- Yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, guided embodied dance. ​​
  • Relax with nature treatments ​​
  • Bond with yourself, make new connections or share the experience with family and friends. ​​
  • Learn self-care and self-love rituals. ​​
  • Embody Feminine archetypes to explore your own expression. ​​
  • Explore the sacredness of your femininity through ritual
  • Spend time in the belly of the spiritual Wattagan Mountains of NSW ​
  • Feel the healing power of Nature as we meditate with the land and elements.
  • Your choice to engage in a naked mud walk

What is Included?

  • Free time to play, explore and rest. ​​
  • Gathering around a collection of  heart created meals to share
  • Qi Gong, meditation, dance. ​​
  • Women’s circle sessions, sharing, rituals. ​​
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Remove blocks as we work to resolve the deeper issues, patterns and relationships that come from our younger perceptions
  • Nature walks day and night time ​​
  • Relax in the spa – A beautiful location with shared rooms 
  • Exclusive stay at the venue with no one else but US!

Big Decisions lead to big changes.

Feeling ready doesn’t always have to feel bold and confident. ​

You can be ready, and a little uncertain at the same time.

You can be ready, and nervous. Actually, that means you’re on to something.

What you’re really ready for, is to finally take the step that you’ve been already desiring. I know the feeling.

That feeling of being about to step into something completely new.

A new way of being, a shift from your current reality, a stepping into the woman you know you already are, deep down inside.

Finally giving her voice, expressing herself, and standing up for what feels right to you.

THAT is exciting, awesome, and a little scary.

Because it means leaving behind the life you are living.

It means letting go of what you don’t need anymore.

It means making space in your heart, mind, and body to claim what you truly desire.

To be heard, seen, felt and loved as you are, in your full, raw and true expression.

Maybe you’ll do something with us that you’ve never done. That’s where the magic is.

To experience the life you desire, let go of the things that limit you. To experience more joy, love + connection, step into fear. This is why I have such a strong desire to guide you to claim your feminine. Because that feeling is like no other.

My whole life changed. Many other women have felt the power of this work. Simply reading these words and making your decision is the first step to transformation. Are you ready to join us? 

Total Investment – $650.00 paid through Eventbrite. Don’t let Money stand in your way, if you would like to arrange a payment plan that suits your situation, please reach out to Tracey: tracey@gloriousyouproject.com.au to talk about the best options for you.

Secure your place for this Soul expanding, nurturing, transformative experience here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/glorious-spring-retreat-tickets-117608344725.

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