A sacred space for you to journey and discover your next best steps to greater passion, purpose and client attraction.


The therapist Mentoring series, is an on-line 1:1 coaching series designed for therapists in business to have the space to share ideas, challenges and blocks they are experiencing in running a clinic on their own.



A Therapist whose passion lies in being of service to others?

Ate you feeling overwhelmed with all of the details of running a business and cant work out where to dedicate most of your energy?

Are you suffering form “comparisonitis”? Are you trying to make it in business but feel alone in making decisions about your next best step?





A cheerleader for you + your business

Herat centred, passionate individual to share your ideas and blocks with

Support for you in your business on your next best step

A plan that supports not only the business but also the life you dream of!


You are currently a Therapist in business, ideally with a current website set up.

You would like to connect with another therapist in business who wants to see your business succeed as much as you do

You would like to be supported as you explore your next best steps

You want to make the coming year, the year that you implement the things you have been procrastinating about.

You are a heart-centred, giving person, open to the idea that it takes a village

You are ambitious and ready to do the work it take to step into life, the way you most want to

You are able to make the financial commitment required for the series

you would like your work/ life balance to support the life you dream of.


You are thinking about becoming a therapist and yet to begin your business

You are not prepared to share your wins and losses within sessions

You are not ready to step into your business and bring it to the next level

You are not ready to be in action towards your goals. Your dreams don’t work unless you do!




6 x 60 minute 1:1 Zoom calls wth Tracey $900

Email support throughout the entire series $150

1 x 30 minute 1:1 call with Tracey $50

1 x Kinesiology session + Ba Gua of your business $250

Asana On-line coaching support system $450

Kinesiology sessions on the virtues of your sacred work $1390

A space the be heard, supported + celebrated Priceless!

Total Value $3190

prices starting from $1650



– A woman who believes in you and the success of your business

– Outside perspective and new ideas

– Accountability for what you set out to achieve

– The opportunity to create long lasting connections as you explore your next best steps for your business

– Access to the wisdom of someone with over 10 years experience in running a business of her own

– The space to be heard, to be witnessed and celebrated for all that you are

– A dedicated Asana account to support your journey

Resources to assist you in working through any blocks that come up

– Clarity on your next best steps in business and how to make that happen

– A tending to the parts of you and your business that need it most.


3 month Series packages

Choose your own adventure

– Spa Package adventure – $1650 or 3 x Monthly payments of $550

– Balancing your Business to the 5 Virtues Adventure – $2500 or 3 x Monthly Payments of $833

I simply cannot wait to work with you to create the life and business you have dreamed of. Imagine what you will be able to achieve together over an entire 3 months.

Be prepared for an experience that will change your life and business as you know it!

X Trace

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When I first connected with Tracey I was feeling stuck and lacking direction with my new business, I was struggling to be productive and reach the goals I had set myself due to my own fear of being successful and worthy of an abundant life. I decided to say “YES!” to coaching when I realised I can’t do it on my own. I had never worked with a coach before; So my expectations were to gain guidance and direction on how to get my programs launched and my business growing.


Mentoring with Tracey has given me the wisdom that my business cant be rushed, we explored the services I offer and how to structure my offerings to provide services for those who need coaching and want to work with me.


My Children have noticed that I have been happier and more motivated!


I really enjoyed our sisterhood connection, from the moment we made contact I knew Tracey was the right mentor for me and in every session I felt at ease to be myself and speak my truth. I have learnt more about myself as a coach and know that my intuition will always lead me to my answers.


Mentoring with Tracey has helped me to realise that the only way to build the business is in a way that is authentic to me. I would my describe my coaching experience as rewarding, challenging and eye opening.


You are an amazing soul Tracey and I am so blessed to have had you come into my life and work with you.



Emma Blake

Life Coach

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