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We acknowledge uniqueness in all that we do; that’s why we have different options for you to choose from based on your needs. Please feel free to ask about our tailored sessions.

“I introduce each of my clients with the part of self that is the key to everything they have been searching outside of self for. She walks with truth, dances with passion, knows what soothes, is ok with what is, and loves with all she has”

Tracey Gillis-Sinclair

Tracey Gillis-Sinclair, Adv.Dip.ICM

Women’s Health Practitioner | Kinesiologist | Facilitator 

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Step into Kinesiology, where we start by meeting you where you are at. Where your symptoms become the guideposts, leading us to uncover connections between your behaviors and your deepest needs.

In our journey together, you’ll gain newfound awareness of patterns you may not be consciously aware of, empowering you to choose your path forward. We’ll delve into your subconscious, unlocking barriers that may have held you back without your conscious awareness.

Through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we’ll thoroughly explore your hope and desires for our session. And as our time together concludes, you’ll leave with practical activities to integrate our insights into your daily life.

Kinesiology is about taking ownership and responsibility for your life’s journey.

Bringing awareness to the root cause of symptoms.

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Holistic Pelvic Care

Welcome to the realm of Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC), where balance is restored to the sacred pelvic bowl. At its core, HPC embraces the profound connection between physical and energetic realms, focusing on the vital energy pathways that traverse through the fascia—the crystalline bridge between body and spirit.

In our practice, we utilise physical tools to assess, treat, and confirm shifts within the pelvic bowl, but the true essence of our work lies in understanding and harmonising the intricate energy system of the female body.

The pelvic bowl isn’t just a physical space; it’s a sanctuary where the spirit finds its home. Yet, for many women, this doorway to spirit remains closed or obstructed by fear, trauma, or simply lack of awareness.

Here’s how Holistic Pelvic Care can support you:

  1. Preventative Wellness: Embrace your pelvic bowl as an integral part of your immune system, nurturing its vitality and resilience.
  2. Clearing Congestion: Dissolve physical and energetic blockages, restoring the free flow of energy within your pelvic region.
  3. Postpartum Healing: Offer essential care for your pelvis after childbirth, addressing birth trauma and supporting you through the journey of motherhood.
  4. Fertility, Sexuality, and Creativity: Navigate fertility challenges, reclaim your sexuality, and unleash your creative potential by unblocking energetic barriers.
  5. Guidance and Energy Medicine: Tap into your inner wisdom and receive energy medicine to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.
  6. Honoring Menopause: Embrace menopause as your second spring, a time for reflection, renewal, and alignment with your true self. Explore the depths of your being, release what no longer serves you, and step into the next phase of your life with vitality and purpose.
  7. Wild Feminine Embodiment: Reconnect with your wild feminine essence, clearing the pelvic bowl for clarity, accessing aligned feminine and masculine energies, and activating the creative power of your womb.

In our journey together, we honor the wisdom of your body, the potency of your spirit, and the sacredness of your pelvic bowl. Welcome to a transformative path of healing, empowerment, and embodiment.

A Clarity Call is required prior to taking this journey, to ensure that this work will be most supportive for you.


With neurofeedback we are enhancing awareness of internal states by allowing the brain to witness its own EEG activity. This promotes self-regulation, which supports better function. We are not diagnosing or treating disorders and we are not correcting brainwave patterns. Our nervous systems strive to keep us alive and functioning optimally, but we often get stuck in dysfunctional modes of behavior. Our goal is to allow the nervous system to calm down and reset itself onto a better path.

Infra-low frequency training allows better physiological self-regulation and Alpha-Theta training allows psychological resolution,while Synchrony neurofeedback promotes resilience and well-being. All together they provide powerful tools for improving health and well-being. Some clients come to reduce uncomfortable symptoms. Others come to improve performance. The usual outcome is reduced symptoms and improved function for both groups.

Diagnoses are not really helpful in understanding how to best train an individual. We are more interested in categories of physiological dysregulation that relate to our neurofeedback options of electrode placement and training frequency. Our categories of dysregulation include physiological arousal regulation, instabilities, disinhibition, localized dysfunctions, and learned fears and habits. We use specific symptoms as indicators of modes of dysregulation. So we are not really treating symptoms with neurofeedback, but rather using symptoms to help us understand how the nervous system is dysregulated.

Our assessment leads to an overall neurofeedback treatment plan. We want to know as much as possible about the client’s function and dysfunction, from which we develop an understanding and expectation of what specific modes of training might be most helpful for that individual. Later we will implement this plan as we are guided each step of the way by the observed and reported effects of training. Beginning by optimizing a starting electrode placement and training frequency, we then add basic sites, other sites, Alpha-Theta and Synchrony as needed.

Childhood Anxiety

In the realm of childhood anxiety, our approach goes beyond reassurances or dismissals of fear, anger, and other emotions. We understand that telling a child “It’s okay, don’t worry” or reacting with frustration only sends unintended messages that their feelings are invalid, even though our intentions stem from love and concern.

Anxiety, a challenge in today’s society, shows us that equipping ourselves with tools to empower children when it threatens to overwhelm them.

Here’s the essence: as humans, our emotions are not to be ‘gotten rid of’ rather guides essential for our growth and understanding. Attempts to suppress what we perceive as ‘negative feelings’ often backfire, amplifying them instead.

Empowering children by granting them agency in situations where they feel powerless holds immense transformative potential.

This philosophy forms the foundation of my sessions for children grappling with anxiety. We prioritise empowering children to navigate their emotions with confidence and resilience, fostering a sense of control in the face of uncertainty.

Kinesiology and sometimes Neurofeedback or a combination of both are the modalities I use when working with children.

Menstrual Disharmony
Your menstrual cycle is an untapped, potent source of invaluable abilities which can be actively used to enhance your life and career and help you achieve goals you desire. It is your practical resource for personal, career and life development and achievement.⁣ We explore the phases of your cycle to identify the potential cause of your disharmony. To bring you closer to your full feminine expressive flow and harness of the energy that is available to you throughout the entire month.
Menstrual Coaching is the approach I use in supporting women who are experiencing challenges wirth their menstrual cycle. 
Sacral Somatic Yoni Ceremony

I invite you to think of this offer, as an experience of repairing your connection to the feminine, and weaving your medicine into your life and into the collective.

Included – an application process to ensure that Sacral Somatic Yoni Ceremony is the best support for you ( a Clarity Call and detailed intake). An exploration of your journey as a woman. And all of the relevant details that will support me to best serve you in the way you need it most.

Yoni – Sacred cave. The source of life. A source of wisdom, creation and healing.
A Sacral Somatic Session is a body work practice, including a full body massage including external and internal vaginal massage, this is of course not done without your full body consent.
Why Sacral Somatic’s was for me? – after years of talk therapy around my childhood sexual trauma, it was my Sacral Somatic (Yoni Massage) experience that gave my body what it needed to process the physical clutter that was occupying my pelvic bowl.
The goal I have in offering this sacred modality is to empower a woman to live from her pelvic space, to fully occupy her feminine potential and come closer to know her own potent medicine.
Our pelvic bowl is a portal we should all know and receive information from.
Book a clarity call to learn more and see if this work will support the goals you have for yourself. 
Mentoring / Coaching

In my mentoring programs, I serve as your dedicated cheerleader, guiding and supporting you on your journey towards achieving your personal and professional goals. Together, we embark on a transformative exploration, holding you accountable to your declarations to self, your families, your lineage, and your communities.

While there is a structure to our sessions, what makes these mentoring containers truly potent is the fluidity to be with what arises from our previous sessions. We work and explore what is, rather than adhering rigidly to a pre-defined structure. My approach to mentoring is led by you and your experience, as we face the aspects of self that may be inhibiting your growth and celebrate those that come forward for initiation.

I blend coaching skills, somatic bodywork, traditional Chinese philosophy, and sacred space holding to guide you to the places where you are being called to plant your flag and claim as your own.

Duration Options: Choose from 3, 6, or 12-month options to suit your needs and aspirations.

Areas of Focus:

  1. The Way of Woman: Embrace and embody the essence of feminine wisdom and power.
  2. The Way of the 5 Elements: Dive deep into the ancient wisdom of the elements to harmonize and balance your life.
  3. The Way of the Therapist: Mastering Yourself: Explore the depths of your being to become a master of your craft and your life.
  4. The Way of Intimacy: Cultivate deep connections and intimacy in all aspects of your life.

Jump on a Clartity Call to discuss your needs below.

My Approach & Philosophy


My Philosophy – To create a culture, where individuals are united within and without, so what is being experienced in their inner world is expressed externally.

Through the lens of TCM, Somatic Body work and Presence, you get to embrace the freedom and simply BE, I understand that when we begin the journey of exploring our inner world it is natural to feel fearful, aprehensive and sometimes judgemental, however the purpose of this work isnt about eradicating those feelings, but rather inviting curiosity and acceptance in as we delve into the rivh intelligence the body has to offer. 

I envision a world where individuals are deeply devoted to nurturing relationships with their bodies and the world around them—a world where empowerment flourishes as we cultivate a profound sense of connection, trust, and acceptance, both within ourselves and in our environment. In this vision, we recognize the interconnectedness of all things, embracing our place within the intricate web of the micro and the macro. Together, we co-create a culture of mindfulness and reverence, fostering harmony and well-being for all.

XX Tracey



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