Two people look at a glass which is half filled with water – are you the person who sees a glass that is half empty or one that is half full?

We have a lot of choices in life. We can choose to look at things the negative way and always see the dark side of situations, or can choose to be positive and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Why is it so important to live a positive life? Because it’s much more fulfilling. Optimism goes hand in hand with positive mood and good morale. It is also linked to athletic and academic success- to success in career and politics, to better health and longer life and positive individuals are much more attractive to people than negative ones are.

It is true – the rates of depression and negativity among people have never been higher than they are today. These days it is affecting older, middle aged and younger people all the same way.

Although it is not the easiest thing in the world to change in our life, it is important to realize that thinking negatively instead of positively is a matter of choice. We can choose to be positive or negative.

Recent studies have shown that positive people are hit by the same hardships in life as negative people. The difference lies in how they deal with it..

Positive people tend to be convinced that moments of pain are only temporary set backs, and that these set backs occur in order to learn from and become stronger. Negative and pessimistic people tend to believe that unfortunate events influence everything they do in life. They are convinced that the situations are long lasting, and tend to think that such events take place because it’s routine or because they deserve it..

Optimistic people see these negative events as challenges and opportunities, which pushes them to try even harder to get over the humps. You’ll never hear them say things like ” this always happens to me” or “things will never change”.

They believe that when such statements are actually being expressed they will act as self-fulfilling learning experiences. They use these experiences to propel themselves forward.

They are not manipulative and appear less dependent on others for their own happiness. They have the natural talent to draw people towards them because they are surrounded with positive and cheerful energy. This makes them charismatic.

Negative people tend to live in denial that stress is bothering them. They often avoid dealing with their negative situations and give up easy when problems or difficulties arise.

Positive people on the other hand are much more stress resistant. In general, positive individuals are perseverant and don’t easily except failure. Because of this they seem more motivated in achieving their goals. It drives them towards accomplishment and future fulfillment.

Medical research has shown that optimism leads to good health and slows aging – hindering the process of middle aged illness. Their bodies appear to have a much higher resistance level and a better ability to fight disease. They grow old gracefully as opposed to people who allow their lives to be lead by negativity.

If you’re not a positive and optimistic person – become one. Look at every negative situation as a test of strength, a mere flat tire on the road of life – change it and keep going.

Remember it is all a matter of choice and perception.

All of us are given obstacles in life, as well the ability to choose. Do you want to be hindered by obstacles or push forth beyond them?

Find the positive message in each negative experience – there always is one. Finding the positive lesson will open your eyes letting you see a more positive future. By letting go of your negative ideas and your internal struggles you will become inspired.

Get up and get back on track! Keep a positive goal in mind with all your endeavors, and challenge yourself to see difficult situations as opportunities instead of allowing them to bring you down.

Relationships, family, job, money – all of these scenarios can have stumbling blocks that hinder your wellbeing. Don’t let them. You are alive and possess the power to choose in making your own decisions. Be thankful for what you have and be positive in the future.

Being positive starts right now!


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