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Tracey is both an intelligent and intuitive practitioner, she is kind, patient and willing to go the extra mile to help me reach my goals. Each session is designed to meet specific goals for personal growth and healing.

After each session I have witnessed results within myself almost immediately. I felt calm and relaxed and was able to let go of a personal issue I had been holding onto for many years. Tracey gives you tools or “homework” to reinforce the positive energy created during clinic in your home life, work and relationships

Tracey has helped me see my physical symptoms from a different perspective and this knowledge has given me power to heal my body by changing thoughts in my mind, which reframe my thinking.

Tracey is a beautiful, generous soul and from the moment you connect with her, it is clear she is filled with love and a willingness to help her patients become the best version of themselves.


Nurse and Mother

Tracey has turned our life around and I cannot thank her enough. My daughter has struggled with anxiety all her young life, but it really escalated when she went to school. She became so overwhelmed that it affected her mental and physical wellbeing. After many visits to other professionals with little or no lasting results, we were at a loss.

I turned to Tracey after our chance meeting where I was in total despair. I am so grateful to have met her one night because from there we haven’t looked back. From her very first session with Tracey, she helped our daughter beyond belief. Tracey has taught her to listen to her body and given her tools to help her through her struggles. Most recently she had been suffering form ongoing headaches and nothing would alleviate them. After one consultation with Tracey and some cranial work, her headaches have totally gone within a few days. Tracey I can not thank you enough for being there for our daughter. I have faith in knowing you can help and guide her through troubled times. Your gift to help others is invaluable and I am forever grateful that our chance meeting has led to my daughters improved wellbeing and happiness. –



Thank you so much Tracey for our Skype session last week. When I came into our session I felt stuck; like there were some deep-seated beliefs and patterns that were holding me back from moving forward and creating what I want in many areas of my life.

Your session helped me get to the bottom of these blocks and see myself in a different – more compassionate and loving light. I can feel that my energy has shifted and that how I value myself and what I believe I’m worthy and deserving of has changed. This in turn has changed how I show up in all areas of my life, and I am already seeing the effects of this.

Since working with you I have taken more action in my business; got two new clients; said no to some things I was doing out of obligation and said yes to what I REALLY want. I think the most powerful difference I feel though is the energy that I bring to each moment. I feel more grounded and settled and…lighter. I have taken the pressure off myself and it feels GOOD!!!


Life Coach

When I first connected with Tracey I was feeling stuck and experiencing fear based resistance to feeling good enough to be a Practitioner. I decided to say “YES” to a distance session with Tracey after experiencing her on a Zoom Master class session and wanted to learn and experience a distance session for myself as I had never had a distance session.


The Distance session with Tracey has given me a greater awareness of how much I had been judging myself and resisting my self to be me. I realised how much I had been struggling due to thinking I should be a certain way that just wasn’t me.


I would describe my distance session experience as being validated, acknowledged and respected.


I have a greater clarity on what action to take to move through my procrastination.


Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner

When I first connected with Tracey I knew that I wasn’t really feeling the way I wanted to feel in my life and had been experiencing some physical symptoms. I decided to say yes to Coaching with Tracey after doing a Wholehearted Kinesiology series with her and also attended one of her workshops; I thoroughly enjoyed them both.


Most recently I have completed life coaching with Tracey and WOW! What an amazing experience! Tracey helped me realise my goals and helped me set my daily actions to make them my reality. I really feel the experience that I have had with Tracey on a whole has completely changed my life in every way and helped me to live my life as my best possible self!


I would like to thank you Tracey from the bottom of my heart I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with you! You have a true passion for the life changing work you do. Your beautiful positive energy, wisdom and knowledge supported me to share my thoughts and heal in a space where I felt safe and comfortable to do so. You have given me the tools to live my life so that I feel the most real, alive, and authentic and I feel truly blessed for my experience I have had with you and am forever grateful to you.




From a very young age I knew our son displayed some symptoms that were not usual. Although he was a kind and caring child he was loud and ‘a bit too much’ for most people to enjoy being around. He was starting to struggle at school both socially and academically and he found new situations particularly difficult. As a teacher I had identified many students who had showed tendencies of ADD/ ADHD and ASD however I had never imagined that my own child would have indicators. By the time our son was in Year 2 I knew that he required some form of intervention. I turned to Tracey and after 20 sessions of Neurofeedback treatments, combined with Kinesiology our son now sees the world differently. He is able to process information quicker than before and he is far more aware of socially appropriate behaviours. Our son has made friendships at school and even represented his school in the Public Speaking Finals coming 3rd in his age year group.

Within weeks of starting the treatments our son mastered riding a bike and was retaining more information.

Our son was becoming curious about the world in which he was living and about the people he shared it with.

He has developed a strong connection to Tracey and he enjoys attending his regular sessions.

No amount of words can express our gratitude to Tracey  and we would recommend any person looking for an alternative to have a consultation.

We are very grateful for the professional and individual support Tracey has offered our son. We genuinely feel that as a result of Tracey’s support and guidance our son now has the potential to shine and become all that he can be.

Tracey offered an innovative and individual type of therapy that has changed our son’s world.


Michelle, Christian + Noah


When I first connected with Tracey I was feeling stuck and lacking direction with my new business, I was struggling to be productive and reach the goals I had set myself due to my own fear of being successful and worthy of an abundant life. I decided to say “YES!” to coaching when I realised I can’t do it on my own. I had never worked with a coach before; So my expectations were to gain guidance and direction on how to get my programs launched and my business growing.


Mentoring with Tracey has given me the wisdom that my business cant be rushed, we explored the services I offer and how to structure my offerings to provide services for those who need coaching and want to work with me.


My Children have noticed that I have been happier and more motivated!


I really enjoyed our sisterhood connection, from the moment we made contact I knew Tracey was the right mentor for me and in every session I felt at ease to be myself and speak my truth. I have learnt more about myself as a coach and know that my intuition will always lead me to my answers.


Mentoring with Tracey has helped me to realise that the only way to build the business is in a way that is authentic to me. I would my describe my coaching experience as rewarding, challenging and eye opening.


You are an amazing soul Tracey and I am so blessed to have had you come into my life and work with you.



Emma Blake

Life Coach

Click on the video below to view Tarsh’s Testimonial. 

Tarsh Ashwin

Transformational Coach, Holistic Kinesiologist, Shiatsu Therapist, - Tarsh Ashwin

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